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EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM;                      

Welcoming Early Childhood                   


The Ministry of Family (Ministry) has updated the educational program Welcoming Early Childhood (Program) .


Web training will be offered in the fall of 2019 to home childcare providers and educators. This formula will allow participants to complete the training at their own pace.


Training objectives


  • Present the Program;

  • Discover what's new;

  • Globally present each of the concepts présented using concrete examples and practical exercises;

  • Present the links between the different concepts;

  • Facilitate the integration of the different concepts and offer application possibilities in current SGEE practices;

  • Encourage the desire to improve one's knowledge of child development.


* Please note that this training only covers the presentation of the new version of the Program. Regulatory changes regarding the program and the child's educational record will not be discussed.

Registration information


  • The duration of the training is 7 hours (one day) and registration is free;

  • Travel and meal expenses are the responsibility of the participant;

  • Here is the link to proceed to the registration: ;

  • If an establishment wishes to register more than two people, it will be possible to do so according to the availability of places at the chosen session;

  • The reservation site being constantly updated, we invite you to consult it regularly to be on the lookout for the addition of new dates in the different regions of Quebec.

  • These training sessions will be offered across Quebec from the week of May 13, 2019, until March 2020.


Message from the General Direction of Policies

Online educational program

Several documents are made available to our members for the educational management of their daycare service:

1- Summary of modifications to the educational program and Educational program verification tool;

2- The Quality Evaluation process;

3- The Child's Educational Record;

4- "Growing in quality" project; Find out more .



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