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The RGPQ exists since 2007

The Rassemblement des garderies privées du Québec (RGPQ) has the duty to represent its members and guard over their interests.

Over the years, the RGPQ has become the largest and most active body of childcare associations in Quebec.

The goals and mandates of the RGPQ are to:

  • Promote, encourage, develop and improve the quality of educational services for children and families in Quebec.

  • Protect, defend and represent the rights of all its members as well as guarantee an active presence at the regional and provincial levels.

  • Inform members of all developments and all new actions undertaken by the RGPQ.

  • Promote the improvement and development of working staff in childcare facilities.

  • Ensure the amelioration of the working conditions of all staff on duty.

2021-2022 RGPQ Board of Directors

Mario Ranallo, President

Marie-Christine Guay, Vice President

Jean-Samuel Vachon, Treasurer

Silvana Berrafato, Secretary

Martine Desgranges, Administrator

Isaac Sachs, Administrator

Samuel Provost, Administrator

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