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It's our pleasure to introduce to you the food capsules.  These capsules are made possible with the collaboration of Mrs. Chantale Durand, project manger for the support of the unfolding and the development of competencies form the basis associated with the food policy.  Project executed in 2012.

The RGPQ takes the food service quality at heart for all its members.  This is why, the RGPQ has given itself the mandate to support its members in their food and diet path.

In the 2019-2020 project, we propose to you an 8- week menu for the summer period and an 8- week menu for the rest of the year with all the recipes included.

List of capsules:

Capsule alimentaire # 1; Les produits céréaliers

Capsule alimentaire # 2; Les légumes racines

Capsule alimentaire # 3; La saine alimentation

Capsule alimentaire # 4; Les antioxydants

Capsule alimentaire # 5; Les charcuteries

Capsule alimentaire # 6; Les sucettes et collations glacées

Capsule alimentaire # 7; Les légumes du Québec

Capsule alimentaire # 8; Le sucre

Capsule alimentaire # 9; Les bleuets

Capsule alimentaire # 10; Les soupes et potages

Capsule alimentaire # 11; Noël, quand les couleurs créent la magie

Suggestion of menus at MEMBERS ACCESS

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