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The thematic bin contains a large array of material directly related to a specific theme as well as a binder of activities which allows to feed the theme and which touches the different spheres of development.



Symbolic games: accessories for dressing up, puppets, figurines, etc. Materials for vocabulary enrichment:

  • Books related to the theme

  • Posters

  • Laminated image series (These images are used to enrich children's vocabulary. They help clarify the subject. In addition, these images are also used to carry out certain activities proposed in the activity sheets.)


Activity Binders


Technical sheet "Room layout" 

When the daycare receives the bin, a few days before starting the theme, the educators can draw inspiration from this technical sheet to set up their room layout.


Trigger Element

7 activities are suggested in the bin:

  • A series of images activity;

  • "I experience" activity;

  • Arts activity;

  • Movement activity;

  • Cooking activity;

  • And many more such as: drawing, tracing, coloring, find the error, etc.;

  • My notebook activity  "I learn".




Appendices (material is necessary to accomplish the activities).


List of thematic bins:                                          List of educational bins:

  • Les dinosaures                                                                            o Saines habitudes de vie

  • Les insectes                                                                                 o Littératie A

  • Les métiers                                                                                  o Littératie B                                                                              

  • L'univers                                                                                       o Littératie C

  • Les moyens de transport                                                          Littératie D

  • Le corps humain                                                                         o Numératie 1

  • Les animaux marins                                                                   o Numératie 2

  • Le cirque                                                                                 

You can reserve a bin for a minimum of two consecutive weeks, free of charge via the round table in your region. Reserved exclusively for members.

More details at MEMBER ACCESS!

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