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345, boulevard du Lac

Québec QC  G2M 0E1

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The daycare  declares that it has a permit from the Ministère de la Famille and undertakes to comply with all the laws applicable to its permit. The daycare must provide the RGPQ;

  • a photocopy of the permit from the Ministry of Family;

  • the membership form will be considered signed upon acceptance of the terms and conditions;

  • the payment of the membership of each daycare is done by interac or bank transfer;


The daycare commits to comply with all the regulations and status of the RGPQ.

The daycare undertakes to pay its contribution to the RGPQ for all the places appearing on the permit.

The membership year is from April 1 to March 31.


The daycare recognizes the RGPQ as its only official spokesperson with the MFA. The owner or owners of the daycare authorize the RGPQ to claim from the Ministère de la Famille the subsidies related to the operation and the various activities of the RGPQ


Membership form

345, boulevard du Lac, Québec QC G2M 0E1


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