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The advantages of being a member of the RGPQ

There are several advantages of being a member of the RGPQ.

  • Political representations

  • Representations within different government committees

  • Member of Cible petite enfance

  • Partnership in many other areas

  • Participation in discussions in regional round tables

  • Participation in trainings and at congresses

  • Weekly informational newsletter

  • Website with section reserved for members only

  • Annual projects such as thematic bins, educational material bins for quality improvement, reference tools and books, support to members in different areas

  • And the strength of being a group.


The tools Offered by the RGPQ 

The RGPQ is here to help and equip its members, whether you are a manager, educator or cook


  • Educational program

  • Educational program verification tool

  • Support-advice to people in management

  • Calculation spreadsheets for budget predictions

  • Various information capsules; food, education and management

  • Thematic bins "on loan" at your daycare

  • Educational material bins

  • Reference books

  • Member of Cible petite enfance

  • Summary of meetings help with the Ministry of the Family directly on the Website


Devenir membre du RGPQ

Table Ronde 

7 février 2024 de 11h00 à 15h00

Barbies - 7850 boul. Taschereau, Brossard (QC) J4X 1V7

The sponsors of the RGPQ


Cabinet de courtage en assurance de dommages pour les services de garde



Their mission; support the quality of early childhood education services



Support platform for early childhood professionals

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